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I am not a tribal enrolled member of the Ute Tribe can I apply for your scholarship?

No, this Ute Scholarship is given to Members of the Northern Ute Tribe only. However, you can apply for other scholarships available at: www.uteed.net/college.htm
EdCO Program available for Ute Descendents: www.uteed.net/edco.htm - Registration Available
Fort Lewis College Free Tuition: Link Access
Other Indian Tribes Scholarships: Tribal Government Web

How can I get a scholarship if I donít live on the reservation?

You can call the office 435-722-2331 to have  one sent to your address; or you can visit the website www.uteed.net/college.htm to get the application.

Can the scholarship program help me relocate to another city, by helping with rent/deposit fee for apartment, so I can attend college?

No, we donít help with rent or other living expense.  The scholarship is to provide for tuition, fees, books and supplies.  After, all has  been paid for, you can receive the reminder of the scholarship balance to help with living expenses.

Can I get money to travel to college?

Higher education gives travel money to students that live on the reservation, or students that need to travel to college, in the amount is $250.00 each way.  If you live in the location of the college, then you donít qualify for the travel money.

Which type of college will the scholarship cover?

You may go to any college of your choice, but it has to be an accredited college, make sure your credits are transferable and its a college you can afford.

ďTo be eligible for financial assistance from the Ute Indian Tribe Higher Education Program, an applicant must meet the following requirements:
Be admitted for enrollment as a student in an eligible institution that has accreditationÖĒ
The Education Board will not consider funding requests for correspondence courses, Internet courses, or any other non-accredited courses that does not apply transferable credits. Consideration will be given to fully accredited institutions of higher learning, vocational schools, college or university that accepts Financial Aide.Ē
Online Version: http://www.uteed.net/highered/uitspolproc.pdf

When do I need to have my application turned in to get a scholarship?

All students are expected to renew their application annually. The due date for the fall semester-is June 30th.  The due date for the spring semester-is November 30th.After these due dates the Education board will meet to approve the applications.  The scholarship check should be at the college at the college within next month.

What happens if I donít make the deadline, can I still receive a scholarship?
The education Board  has made one exception: if the only document needed to complete your applications is the Needs Analysis , that is, itís still being process by the college.  They will give you a two-week extension.  Provided that is the only item, not completed.

Can I get a scholarship for the summer semester?

No, we do not sponsor any students during the summer.

I know I will not qualify for the FAFSA program, because I need to pay back a loan and/or I am enrolling in a graduate program, do I still have to apply for the FAFSA?

Yes, everyone needs to apply for the FAFSA.

What is the SAR report, mentioned in the application packet?

When you apply for the FAFSA, you will need to get a pin number, your pin number works as a electronic signature, authorizing changes made by you to your FAFSA report. All the information collected from your FAFSA will be compiled into the SAR Report.  You can print that SAR report from your own computer.

Does the scholarship cover on-line colleges?

No, we donít allow students to do the on-line courses.  The only on-line course acceptable is through the college youíre enrolled in, which offers certain classes on-line.

Will my scholarship check be mailed to me or the college?

We donít make scholarship checks out to students. The scholarship check is made out to the college;  the Accounting office will pay any and all tuition and fees.  Anything left over will be issued to you by a check from the college. You will need to contact the financial aid office, so see if your tuition has been paid.

If I pay for my tuition and books can the tribe reimburse me?

No, thatís what the scholarship is intended to pay for:  Tuition, Books and Supplies.

I have a balance on my account at the college which needs to be paid for.  Can the UIT Education department or the scholarship pay for that?

No, we only pay for the current semester:  tuition, fees and books.  If you owe for the past school year, you are responsible to pay for your debt

What do I do if I am awarded the scholarship, and decide I donít want to attend?

Contact the Ute Tribe Higher Education Coordinator ASAP.  If you donít call, you could be placed on a two-year suspension, without any assistance from the Education department.

How important is it to keep in touch with the Higher Education Coordinator?

Itís very important that you keep in touch with the Higher Education Coordinator, so that she can be aware of any problems that youíre having in college.  It will help you from being placed probation or on a two-year Suspension.

ďAll students who receive a Tribal/BIA or AVT Scholarship will be required to maintain and successfully past twelve (12) or more credit hours per semester while maintaining a Semester GPA of 2.0/Cumulative GPA of 2.0. Any student who fails to meet these requirements will be placed on probation for one additional semester to meet these requirements.Ē
ďStudents are required to notify the Higher Education Office within forty-eight (48) hours in the following cases:
B. Student withdraws or drops below 12-credit hours per semester.
Students who fail to comply with the forty-eight (48) hour notification procedures will be automatically suspended from the Tribal/BIA or AVT Scholarship Program for a minimum of two (2) years"
Online Version: http://www.uteed.net/highered/uitspolproc.pdf

I am currently working for the Ute Tribe as a permanent worker.  Do I qualify for the scholarship program?    

No, but we do have another program for the Tribal workers who want to continue on with their education, itís through the USU-ext, you apply as a part-time student,  registering for 9-credit hours. If you want to upgrade your work skills through the UBATC program.  We will pay for TUITION AND BOOKS ONLY. We can also, provide assistance to Tribal workers that have received their Bachelors Degree and want to go for their Graduate degree.

EdCO Program available: www.uteed.net/edco.htm

More questions?... Please contact:
Ronee Wopsock at roneew@utetribe.com or Bettina Redfoot at bettinar@utetribe.com



Are you an enrolled UTE member?

If not we can provide you with information about other scholarships available: www.uteed.net/college.htm
EdCO Program: www.uteed.net/edco.htm

Is your College/University a credited institution?

Only transferable credited institution qualifies for scholarships

Can you transfer these credits to another institution?

If not we can provide you with information about other scholarships.

Are you aware of our scholarship application deadlines?

FallóJune 30th

SpringĖ November 30th

Do you have an acceptance letter from the College/University?

You need an official acceptance letter

Did you apply for/or have you completed the Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)? www.fafsa.com

You need to apply for FAFSA

Have you requested for the Needs Analysis from the college you've applied to?

You need to request your Needs Analysis


More questions?... Please contact:
Ronee Wopsock at roneew@utetribe.com or Bettina Redfoot at bettinar@utetribe.com

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